Sangria Wine Slushy Mix

Sangria Wine Slushy Mix

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One of our most popular flavors, this frappé can be enjoyed either frozen or over ice for a traditional sangria. Mix with your favorite dry wine (merlot is recommended) freeze, and enjoy! If you opt for the traditional, non-frozen version, don't forget to throw in your favorite fruit!

gluten free

All of our flavors go best with a dry wine, as the mixes themselves are sweet. Therefore, using a sweet wine may make the frappé a little too sweet. A dry white wine, like Chardonnay goes best with a majority of our mixes. Some of our flavors taste better with a dry red, like Merlot.

All of our frappés come in 10 oz. packages and make two quarts (a half gallon) of product. Each bag yields 10 (8 oz.) servings.

Not a fan of wine?

All of our flavors can be mixed with other types of alcohol if you don't like wine. You can use, vodka, champagne, rum, whisky, tequila or any other type you like. Just use 1.5 cups of liquor to 4.5 cups of water, then add the frappé mix.

non-alcoholic version

Instead of adding wine, simply mix the frappé with 48oz of water. It makes a great frozen summer treat for kids! More detailed instructions can be found here.

Simply take one bottle of wine and equal parts water, mixed with one bag of our signature frappe mix, stir, freeze and enjoy! See below for liquor mixing instructions. Google Nectar Of The Vine Recipes for more ways to enjoy these mixes!